Oscar Valdez vs. Miguel Berchelt full fight video highlights

Miguel Berchelt v Oscar Valdez - Fight Night
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Watch Oscar Valdez vs. Miguel Berchelt full fight video highlights from the boxing showdown Saturday night above.

Valdez vs. Berchalt took place Feb. 20 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Oscar Valdez (29-0) and Miguel Berchelt (37-2) collided in a WBC junior title showdown in the night’s main event, which aired live on ESPN. Catch more video highlights below.

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Miguel Berchelt vs Oscar Valdez

Round 1: Here we go! Valdez misses a wild right hand from too far. Berchelt staying at distance, seeing what Valdez wants to do. Berchelt can be a “slow starter.” Berchelt poking the jab out. Valdez trying to jab in, not getting the range he wants. Valdez throws a looping up, blocked with the glove. Andre Ward worried about Valdez wasting energy. Tim Bradley thinks he’s fighting with emotion. Berchelt the far more relaxed guy in the first round. Neither doing a lot offensively, honestly, at least nothing particularly effective. Edge Valdez on activity. Valdez 10-9

Round 2: Berchelt still mostly just poking the jab out. Valdez trying to time a combination, but Berchelt muscles him out of the way. Berchelt a clearly bigger man here. He was about 146 on unofficial weigh-in earlier, Valdez about 140. And Berchelt definitely just a taller, longer guy. Good little jab from Valdez. Another one. That one bloodied Berchelt’s nose. Valdez now gaining some confidence in that jab. Berchelt poking still from range, not really letting power shots go at all. This is a cautious but so far rather effective start from Valdez, but the heat will turn up sooner than later. Valdez 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Osuna says Berchelt’s corner are clearly aware Valdez has some good speed on his jab. I’d hope so, on account of his nose. Berchelt lunges, Valdez ties him up, tries to throw with it. Valdez with another good jab down the pipe. Berchelt trying to turn it up, Valdez moving away, staying pretty patient. Left hook from Valdez as they throw at the same time. Berchelt tries to trap Valdez in the corner, Valdez slips under and makes Berchelt look slow, escapes easily. Left hook thrown again by Valdez. Right hand from Berchelt gets in, but thrown a bit far. Berchelt does look a little sluggish compared to Valdez, a little ponderous. Valdez is fighting extremely effectively right now. Valdez 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Ward also has 3-0 Valdez right now. Left hook from Valdez still there, and more than that he’s staying away from Berchelt. But he’s marking up just a bit from little Berchelt pot shots. Berchelt isn’t doing NOTHING, he’s just having a hard time. Berchelt winging on a separation after they tie up. Berchelt starting to rush him more now. GOOD SHOT FROM VALDEZ HURTS BERCHELT! That was the hook! Berchelt is hurt! Valdez rushing him! Berchelt trying to hang on, AND HERE WE GO! UPPERCUT AND BERCHELT STAGGERS! LEFT HOOK! Valdes headhunting and going for the finish! Berchelt hanging on! Berchelt throwing both hands desperately! Berchelt turning it around and ties it up! Left hook from Valdez again, and another. HURT AGAIN! Berchelt’s legs are going! He’s staying up and hanging on! MASSIVE SHOTS FROM VALDEZ AND BERCHELT IS RULED DOWN HELD UP BY THE ROPES! Berchelt’s legs are GONE!! Absolutely GONE! He BARELY escapes the round! Valdez 10-8, 40-35

Round 5: Another left hook shakes Berchelt again! He’s fighting on instinct. Another hook. Valdez winging here. He’s got a full round and Berchelt is a mess. Russell Mora tells Berchelt he has to show something. Slow right from Berchelt, nothing on it. Left hook after a right to the body from Valdez. Left hook to the body from Valdez. He’s having the absolute fight of his life. Berchelt trying to jab in. Valdez right there and waiting. RIGHT HAND VALDEZ! Berchelt still up somehow. Shots from Berchelt, but they’re coming in slow. There’s no real heat there. Valdez is not fighting dumb here. He’s waiting for the opening. Not pressing, not forcing. Berchelt trying to fire in the corner, Valdez ties him up. Valdez 10-9, 50-44

Round 6: Berchelt with some notable body shots, pushing Valdez back a bit. Berchelt may have some confidence brewing and we might be headed for drama. Yeah, Berchelt’s coming forward now. Left hook from Valdez, Berchelt took it OK. Awkward little rush from Berchelt, Valdez shuts it down quick. Berchelt really trying to press this, Valdez throws and slips and lands a good right in there. Berchelt trying to cut off the ring, he’s had a horrible time with that. Valdez with a rabbit punch and he’s warned hard for that. As he should be, and anyone else. Valdez back to the hook. Berchelt letting the hands fly, and he’s got Valdez backing hup again. Valdez is backing up OK, but he is being pressed now. Valdez ties him up. Think Berchelt nicked this round. Berchelt 10-9, Valdez 59-54

Round 7: Berchelt REALLY trying to rush Valdez now, take Valdez out of his rhythm. Literally running around the ring after him. Berchelt will not stop coming forward, he’s full-on chasing. Ward has the same exact score I have, for what it’s worth. Berchelt to the body, that’s been where he’s found the most success in the fight, the thing Valdez feels. And Valdez is spending a lot of energy playing stay-away. Valdez starting to tire visibly in the last two rounds. Not that it’s the end of the line for him, but Berchelt has a shot to claw back now. Winning a round is winning a round. Big right from Berchelt! He’s warming to it, and the fight is opening up. BIG SHOTS FROM VALDEZ! Trying to steal the round late. Berchelt tiring, too, mind you. Another shot from Valdez. Valdez may have stolen that, but I’m still nodding to Berchelt. Berchelt 10-9, Valdez 68-64

Round 8: We’re at a point this could get crazy. Valdez coming out swinging the power shots. He wants to stem the tide. Back to jabbing and moving after that. Berchelt still trying to swarm, still trying to cut Valdez off, but this is Valdez’s better approach, working behind the jab that keeps Berchelt off-balance. Left hooks from Valdez. Then moving and making Berchelt chase again, not with the aggression from the last round. Good combo from Valdez, he’s clipping away, moving and firing. Right hand from Berchelt, partially blocked, and not a lot on it anyway. Valdez goes southpaw a little bit, he’s done it here and there tonight. Hasn’t hurt him. This is the sort of round Valdez needed, but it’s still a lot of energy, these guys are both vulnerable, but Berchelt seemingly more so. Maybe. He’s got some Terminator energy, too. Valdez 10-9, 78-73

Round 9: Valdez establishing the hook again quickly, then moves away and looks to jab some more. Ward still has the same score I have. That’s how I know it’s probably a relatively easy fight to score. Clear rounds. Valdez boxing, landing, moving, not letting Berchelt get to him. Berchelt buzzed on a left hand, but back with a right. Another big shot from Valdez. Uppercut, another shot in, DOWN GOES BERCHELT! Berchelt might be done. He’s up, but here comes Valdez! Right hands, lefts, not forcing it, he’s been good with that all night. Big, big round for Valdez. Valdez 10-8, 88-81

Round 10: Referee Russell Mora warned the Berchelt corner that he’s close to stopping it between rounds. Berchelt’s corner asked him if he wanted out, too. He said no, obviously. But he looks rough here. Mora should have a close eye on it. Another hook from Valdez shakes Berchelt! Mora inching in. Berchelt trying to throw enough back to hold that off. Left hook Valdez. Berchelt tough as fuck but another right hand shakes him! We’re close here, you can feel it. But again, Valdez not pressing, not making big mistakes. Big mistakes the only chance Berchelt has anymore. Valdez slips on moisture in the corner, luckily not hurt or anything. Valdez is just fighting perfectly. He has almost all night. He’s been outstanding. He’s just plain been the better fighter, and he has legitimately never fought this well, ever. This is a career performance. OH MAN! OH GOOD LORD IT’S OVER WITH A MONSTER KO! Valdez KO-10

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