Conor McGregor offers encouraging words to Tony Ferguson during difficult time

Conor McGregor will answer questions from the media at the UFC 196 press conference.

Conor McGregor has extended some kind words to Tony Ferguson.

The former two-division UFC champion tweeted about Ferguson early Saturday morning, writing that Ferguson is “the type of that when all the chips are down, can pick them right back up again and come back stronger than ever.” Ferguson is going through a difficult time, with his wife Cristina requesting a domestic violence restraining order against him earlier this week.

“Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that when all the chips are down, can pick them right back up again and come back stronger than ever!” McGregor tweeted. “Came back from a debilitating injury in record time to give us one of the fights of the year! Let’s go Tony!!”

Ferguson’s wife detailed some “frightening” situations involving her husband in recent months in the court filing, including that Ferguson took their 2-year-old son from her parents’ home earlier this month and would not let her see him for six days. Cristina Ferguson described some of her husband’s actions as irrational, delusional and paranoid. She is hoping he gets the necessary mental help. Ferguson has not been arrested nor charged with any kind of crime.

“[His] behavior is getting worse and more frightening,” Cristina wrote in her declaration to the court as part of the restraining order request. “I am afraid that during one of [Tony’s] episodes [Tony] will kill me, our son and/or himself.”

McGregor and Ferguson are rivals in the UFC’s lightweight division. Ferguson is a former UFC interim lightweight champion. But the two are also clients of the Paradigm Sports Management firm.

McGregor has had a rough week himself. He was arrested on two felony charges for allegedly smashing a man’s cell phone outside a Miami Beach hotel Monday morning and is now also being sued by the alleged victim in that case.

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