Rory MacDonald: In UFC, ‘everybody is trying to be Conor McGregor’

Rory MacDonald will make his Bellator debut on Friday, when he meets Paul Daley in the main event of Bellator 179 in London.

But he’s been a part the company since signing last summer. And that means he’s been around enough to have a reasonable take on the difference between his old promotion and his new one.

And the way the Canadian welterweight standout sees it, the difference between the UFC and Bellator is as simple as the age-old battle between the corporate and the individual.

“I think Bellator gets it, they want to build a character around each and every guy on the roster,” MacDonald said on a recent media call. “They want to build up the names and let people see the real sides of them and they can build that up. The UFC kind of has lost that, everyone is wearing the same thing, everybody is trying to be Conor McGregor, and it’s lost it’s feel a little bit.”

In his experience thus far, MacDonald says he feels more respected by Bellator, whereas he felt like part of an assembly line in his old company.

“[I’m] just more involved rather than just being another guy in the line, another number, another sheep,” MacDonald said. “So, I just feel more respected, more attention to detail when it comes to the promotion of myself.”

MacDonald also believes his change of promotion had a trickle-down affect to his preparation as he gets set for his company debut.

“It feels like chapter three of my career at this point, a big organization move, And just coming off the two losses that I’ve had and the changes I’ve made in my training, I’ve noticed a big difference in my mindset, my physical abilities, my martial art abilities, so I’m very excited to make my debut in Bellator and show the changes that I made over this layoff, and think it will excite people for the future fight.”

At the end of the day, MacDonald isn’t going to tell UFC fighters how to conduct their business. But he believes as more competitors on the other side explore other options when their contracts come due, fighters will make more money and the spot will grow.

“Everybody’s situation is getting worse there and increasingly people are getting more and more unhappy,” MacDonald said. “And seeing that there’s money to be made, just the way they’re treated in general. They’re not content with it, so, it’s got there’s a competitor in the marketplace and that’s just going to make everybody get better. More options for the fighters, everyone’s going to get more money and it’s going to be better for MMA the sport in general.”

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