Taunt Release: Sniper Karate Taunt (Huntsman taunt replacement) — 21 Comments

  1. The limbs are kinda flailing about wildly, it looks very noodle-like. pls

  2. Looks great, but personally I think it would look better if the sniper kept
    one foot planted while preforming that roundhouse kick at the end, but
    otherwise it looks awesome. 

  3. I downloaded this animation but only the sounds play when I use it… Not
    the actually animation… Could someone help me?

  4. this stab animation pulls the target, isn’t? Because when the sniper at the
    taunt end kicked away, it actaully pulled the target.

  5. It would be cooler if it was a lead up to the Sniper tearing out the enemys

  6. Its not working i clicked the read me thing and it said just put the vpk
    file in the part were u put it and my sniper just makes the sound he doesnt
    do karate

  7. The only problem with this taunt is that you can’t see yourself as the
    sniper, or another sniper do other taunts such as conga, flippin awesome,
    square dance, RPS, and skullcracker. Is there anyway for you guys to fix
    this? I’d greatly appreciate it.

  8. the palm strikes part look god enough, but the doublekick is simlpy
    revolting, lowering the left leg and adding a little separation between the
    two legs would be far better

  9. Can you make his left foot stay on the ground and only the right foot hit
    the enemy? In the face?

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