How to Do a Roundhouse Kick | Karate Lessons

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How to Do a Roundhouse Kick | Karate Lessons — 18 Comments

  1. Sensei Amos, is one of the most respected Karate Masters in the world. He
    is a great inspiration to many
    traditional Martial Artists worldwide, inkluding myself :)

  2. Aren’t you supposed to pivot on the supporting leg BEFORE you throw the
    kick? Otherwise, you won’t be able to twist the hip properly and not only
    will your kick be less powerful, but you also risk hurting your knee.

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  4. You showed a 90 roundhouse at first, with improper rotation, then you
    ended with a 45 roundhouse….. Did you look the footage over, edit it, or
    review it in any way before submitting it? 45 is nice, it’s fast when done
    correctly (which you didn’t, yours is uber slow), but Mawashi Geri is a 90
    degree roundhouse thrown with full hip rotation that stops a little after
    hitting the target and snaps back to the ready stance.

    I’m starting to believe ‘How Cast’ is just ‘Expert Village’ with a
    different logo. Please either screen your experts better, or require them
    to look over their videos before submitting them.

  5. thats not a round house kick u have to look in the corner of ur eye then
    SPIN then kick while ur leg follows that

  6. i thought mawashi geri is hitting with the instep ? hit with the ball of
    the foot ? what if u hit with your toes accidentally , that hurts .

  7. No. It is just shorthand for “in self-defense application”. But of you know
    that, troll.

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