BMW 335i JB4 Vs 2011 STI Cobb Protuned

Ran into this car is central Mexico and had some fun… I let the STI get the jump to allow for a better video… BMW 335 is a e92 Coupe 7AT JB4/G5 with BMS …


BMW 335i JB4 Vs 2011 STI Cobb Protuned — 24 Comments

  1. Sti cant handle 415-430hp without any internal mods and if they do they go
    boom pretty quick. 335I on the other hand can handle it with only a jb4
    tune no internal work necessary… I have big dick by the way 

  2. When I had my 2006 Lexus IS350 ALL MOTOR, with AFE intake and Megan duals,
    I came across an STI Cobb tuned ride that could not pull from me…how
    pathetic. Now I own a 2011 535i M-Sport JB4 tuned…just let me catch
    another STI on the streets! Just because your car may sound cool, doesn’t
    mean it makes it fast lmao!

  3. hum…BMW is just luxury and sexy….STI just sounds like SEX and looks
    amazing….ugh choices choices…

  4. Interesting thing is they are very different cars.
    I owned a 2008 335i auto m sport.I put jb+ twin cone intake and muffler
    delete.The 335 is a rocket ship !!!it pulls like crazy right up to 155
    thats fastest t I took it.I drove a 135is that thing is even scarier feels
    like its going to fly away.
    I sold my 335i for a 2011 wrx .
    I bought cobb stage 1 and removed it all very small gain for 900.00 vrs
    huge difference in the 335I for 600.00.
    That said I like the wrx more.The body style is far better looking.the wrx
    has better stock driving seats and wheels.If i had the extra 9k the sti
    would have the even better brakes stiffer chassis better transmission and
    couple more ponnies.
    The wrx has the AWD and in Rain,snow and loose gravel better traction.
    I drove the 335 in snow was scary .I have not driven the wrx yet in snow
    but herd its the best.
    RWD great in dry conditions like Cali but for north west AWD is way to go.
    The wrx and sti remember is a 4 banger single turbo.
    comparing it to a 6 cylinder twin turbo is not apples to apples.Subaru is
    putting out 265-305 hp in the 4 banger and bmw is doing 300 in a 6.Imagine
    what would happen apples to apple and subby does a 6 twin turbo goshh it
    would humiliate the bmw.I owned two other bmw a e36 supercharged and a e30
    m3.The wrx gives me that e30 m3 feel with that high revving power 4
    cylinder on top end.I dont regret my choice in the wrx over 335i but I
    know better to race a 335i in straight line .

  5. LMAO @ EVO GSR……dude you are telling us first off that they dont know
    crap about racing when you are claiming that the Bimmer has a 3.5l
    TT…Wrong, second I have raced modded Evos when my 335 was stock from 40
    roll and a dig and they couldnt get me. Just threw in DPs, DCI and JB4 with
    30% E85 and took a Carrera 4s from the dig….thats a $110k 400 AWHP
    car……get outta here ricer, you are simply outclassed

  6. That’s hilarious all that noise from the sti and the 3 just coasts silently
    past him as if it didn’t come close to redlining.

  7. Damn you put that STI in the dirt lol… i want trade in my wrx for one of
    those now haha @Lets Go Race your right man he was simply outclassed

  8. Twin turbo inline sixes, whether from Toyota or BMW, will always dominate
    any Subaru motor! Haha… and that gargle!

  9. I’d take both, the 335 first, but I’d still take both. No point of arguing
    on YouTube they’re both great

  10. and @ the idiot who is saying to race these things on a dirt road….what
    the FUCK are you talking about? I have never heard anyone say……lets go
    drag race that dirt road. I hope you choke on your next meal for being such
    a fucktard

  11. The fact is biger engine capacity. The 3l 6cylinder 335i has smaller
    turbo’s than a 2.5l 4 cylinder wrx. Stocky 330i e90 has 192kw and 315nm.

  12. stock vs stock the 335i will will every time. Its far better engineered
    than the subaru, better gearing, much more sofisticated chasis and better
    spooling turbo with better response low down. Again tuned vs tuned with
    similar power, for arguments say 380whp each the bmw wins. I own a 450bhp
    blob sti and I know its not as good as a similar tuned 335i but I prefer
    The difference is I can tune my sti to 500+bhp for a fraction of the cost,
    looks imo just as good and it handles in the wet and isnt anywhere near as
    wanky as the m3 wannabe ;)

  13. Yo my homie told me that an STI can take a new GTR bone stock. He said
    he’s never wrong about cars. Hows this 335i taking one of the fastest cars
    in the world… The WRX STI? He said nothing beats an STI unless it has
    slicks and a wheelie bar!
    LMAO!! KIDDING HA HA 😉 I bet people have said stupid BS like this on
    youtube before lol. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Nice 335i man!

  14. I like how people think v6 and inline 6 are the same thing, people need to
    get their facts straight.

  15. STi gearing sucks for drag racing dig or roll. Love both cars but the
    gearing kills the STi. Good race though. 

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