2011 Aston Martin AMR-One LMP1 PURE SOUND!!

Yesterday I saw the Aston Martin Amr-one LMP1 testing at Monza ( wet track) for the 24 hours of Le Mans. The sound is simply amazing although the engine isn’…


2011 Aston Martin AMR-One LMP1 PURE SOUND!! — 24 Comments

  1. This car has been the only fail in the entire history of Aston Martin! It’
    s a very shame because the project was interesting with the I6 layout
    engine and that complex aero!

  2. @DavidSkywalker01 well thats just my theory … and theyre prolly not gonna
    have the sputtering and coughing coming out of the corners because Indycar
    doesnt allow TC … but i digress … i would like to see THIS Aston Martin
    engine in the back of one of those Indycars in 2012 or 13 … ive always
    liked the sound of an inline-6 … and if you think this sounds nice …
    listen to the TVR Sagaris … almost as nice as the Ferrari V-12s they used
    to run in F1

  3. @MRvelite083 Maybe you should learn your stuff, because this is a Turbo
    inline 6. Maybe you shouldve checked out the Aston Martin racing website

  4. The sound was probably the only redeeming factor for this car. I absolutely
    love the echo on acceleration at 0:56

  5. That’s a legendary sound man. That’s the type of engine noise that people
    look up 30 years later <3

  6. The reliability problems suck but i feel like this will be a fun car in
    forza. I heard a team is using this chassis in lmp1 with a new engine
    hoping it does great

  7. aston hadn’t made a inline engine since the 90’s they have been working off
    of v12’s and even diesel concepts. of course the engine wasn’t going to be
    performer, you can tell that by looking at how lazy they got with the
    exhaust exits.

  8. this car has been canned officially now this is longest video that will
    ever feature this car

  9. 2.0 litre 6 cylcinder turbo? Don’t think F1 has too much to worry about for
    next years engine sound. Different cc and slightly different config (plus
    not sure of the AMR’s rev limit) but i’m hopeful the new V6’s will sound

  10. @eini1988 I mean the sound beats the diesels. Performance wise it’s
    struggling to beat LMP2’s at the moment…

  11. @MrSharnley009 nobody knows. But personnaly I think this car must not go in
    any race for the last of this year.

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