24 Tiger Kung Fu Death Strikes — 18 Comments

  1. 24 Tiger Kung Fu Death Strikes. Get a willing Martial Arts partner and try
    these 24 Death strikes of Chinese Kung Fu using one of my favorite animal
    styles, the Tiger Style of Chinese Kung Fu!

  2. Any sort of clawing or whipping to the face will make an opponent flinch,
    especially to protect the eyes. You are going to at least blink if your
    physiology works correctly. But an open hand slap isn’t necessarily what
    one might call a “bitch slap”, a solid smash with an open hand to the side
    of the head is going to hurt a bit more. And lets say you miss and only
    connect with the tips of your fingers, if you clip someone in the open eye
    your going to really mess that opponent up and probably win. Eye pokes are

  3. Jake I’m curious have u ever fought/sparred someone with a different
    martial art style full contact nd lost? 2nd question what do u think of
    Muay Thai?

  4. #23 and #24, the double slaps.. What are they good for other than being a
    little annoying? :)

  5. Hi Jake!
    I have been interested in training iron palm kung fu for a few months now.
    In my training i use a small bag filled with mung beans, hitting it for six
    minutes a day, non stop. am i doing right? afterwords i do a few finger
    stretching exercises.
    Sincerely, Lukas
    I really like your videos, i think youre the best!

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