How to Use Krav Maga to Survive a Knife Attack In the April 2009 issue of Black Belt, Darren Levine, head of the Los Angeles-based Krav Maga Worldwide, takes readers on…


How to Use Krav Maga to Survive a Knife Attack — 11 Comments

  1. im not saying that…. what i mean is belt system would be okay for
    hobbyist ethusiasts athlete martial artist. but not in a self defense self
    preservation course

  2. @SuperOwni This technique is specific only to the situation shown, when
    someone sticks a knife to your throat from behind, there are different
    solutions to different problems.

  3. but in most krav maga classes worldwide. there is this freakin belt system.
    and in the real world that doesnt matter. in this so called white belt
    stage, you learn this and that. it shouldnt be

  4. cause its a big business…. and i disagree on it. its more on the benefits
    the owner gets from the money that what the customer gets. it slows the
    learning etc

  5. ah, the old “dont hit yourself” routine although in this case i guess you
    would call it don’t stab yourself lol

  6. truly wrong. there is a system called self defense training system that is
    more versatile and powerful. you dont need to be a black belt or do this
    attack. the concept is decide plan and act. it uses gross motor skills. for
    this skill are hard to use under stress. always remember not to attack the
    weapon but the wielder

  7. I don’t mind people using a belt system to mark aproximately at what
    technical level a practitioner is, they do it in BJJ and other arts and it
    works great. What I do have a problem with is people providing you with bad
    martial arts training and giving you a new belt every month (and charging
    you extra for it). This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, just
    because you use a belt system though.

  8. Krav Worldwide schools use a “Level ” system, 1-5 , that parallels the
    belts. it’s just to mark things.

  9. @jessewilliams007 HAHAHAHA. the dont use instinct reactions. i have known
    people who tried to disarm the weapon. they 99% failed. if you kill the
    shit out of the attacker then he wont have the energy to use the weapon. a
    weapon is just another ordinary thing, but because of the wielder it turns
    out to be dangerous.krav uses both finite and gross motor skills, while the
    sdts he system i believed in only uses gross motor skills.

  10. The SDTS gives you only one skill set for hundreds of possible scenarios
    Krav Maga requires you to shift focus from weapon to attacker than back to
    weapon again The SDTS has no real shift focus, after you clear the weapon
    it’s attack, attack attack The SDTS knows that not all strikes hit there
    mark and trains you to continue your counter attack until the threat is

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