Wing Chun vs Boxing ( without kicking ) — 19 Comments

  1. Check out wing Chung v kick boxer and the wing Chung guy get schooled there
    ..go and check it out …

  2. That not a boxer obviously he dont throw jab nor hook …and his stance is
    all wrong ..get a real boxer in there you’ll see the big and I mean a big
    difference ….nice try but get real ….

  3. You’re right. Those people who can’t even show how to apply Wing Chun art
    in combat, shouldn’t ever make a fight or sparring and post on youtube.
    They’re just blaming Wing Chun Kung Fu. Just because of those shit heads,
    people underrate Wing Chun..

  4. This just goes to show how a wing chun practitioner applies his art in
    combat. Many wing chun practitioners cannot do this.

  5. this is guy is no boxer. I don’t think I saw him throw a real jab once and
    all of his punches were wild and off balanced. his footwork sucked and his
    head movement was not much better.

  6. Since when is wild haymakers, takedowns and footwork out of a Bruce Lee
    movie supposed to be boxing?

  7. that’s why no kicking , this bout is only to test in-fighting with hands

  8. Lol a wing chun guy that has skill. I wish there were more vids that showed
    the art in a positive light instead of so many people who don’t know what
    they’re doing, and as a result, put on the illusion that WC sucks.

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