Putin’s Judo — 21 Comments

  1. He only went like 30%, it seems lighter than regular drilling.
    Professionally competitive or not, he is definitely tougher than regular

  2. I don’t know too much about the man, but he gets a thumbs up from me for
    his choice in martial arts. Our leaders specialize purely in the art of
    Machiavelli… I’m sure outing is fluent as well, but at least may have
    some honor in him.

  3. 0:51 “Don’t worry, your wife and children are safe…just do as you were

  4. You know a country is strong when the president regularly practices judo
    and is ex-KGB

  5. he is great fighter! strong and has pride. he would take head off in one
    kick. he is well endowed.

  6. Да ну. Прикольно слышать. Можно ваши данные узнать? Просто глянуть Ваши
    спортивные заслуги.

  7. Make me look bad in front of the cameras and you’ll end up in Siberia.
    Actually, he is very good.

  8. There letting him do it and he’s not even good enough to compete anywhere

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