Best Karate Knockout Ever

This is the Karate kick knockout to end all karate kick knockouts. At the U-22 Lithuanian kyokushin karate Championships, Gintarė Tydikaitė displayed an abso…


Best Karate Knockout Ever — 14 Comments

  1. Why don’t you zoom the camera out on that clip a little more fuckhead…

  2. Its u-22 you assholles. You cant hit like that when youre under 18, but
    when you’re older, you can hit in the head as you want

  3. So can you punch the top of the head? or at least punch the same place you
    can kick?

  4. that’s the biggest load of crap concerning karate ive heard in a while..
    educate yourself before saying things like this. I don’t know what type of
    karate you are referring to, but in kyokushin you can kick to the face from
    different angles. No idea where you got this ‘top of the head’ bs

  5. Also this it was kick on top of head, not face. In karate you cannot hit
    directly in the face.

  6. Rick don’t you find it funny that you cannot get punched in the face in
    these competitions but you can kicked in the face? WTF?

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