Tyrone Spong *New Highlights* 2013 by Gemini MMA — 9 Comments

  1. Inbred? Put your picture up tough guy, easy to talk tough anonymously with
    a fake name huh? “If you was so smart”? Oh the irony you dummie! He is
    visibly smaller and is getting knocked out by much lesser strikers than he
    used to beat. End of debate. etstalkfighting.
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  2. lmfao exactly you fucking inbred he did gass then he got finished. watch
    the fucking fight bro, overeem kneed him in body several times, dropped
    him, browne got up, overeem kneed him in the body hard and browne
    completely dropped then overeem punched his glove 50 times allowing him to
    recover, if you was actually smart about finishing him he wouldnt of got
    knocked out. He isnt visibly smaller, he weighs exactly the same.

  3. You said he gassed in your first post bro, I think he got outstruck, so
    you’re inconsistent or a liar. He clearly didn’t have Travis finished,
    watch how it ended. There are no what if’s and luck involved, just a guy
    who lost his edge when he lost his pharmacist, and you know it or are short
    a few chromosomes. He is visibly smaller. he doesn’t hit just as hard, and
    instead of fighting JDS he fought Travis Browne and got KTFO’s. Stop
    posting you’re lying to yourself.

  4. against silva he didnt even gass he just got caught, against travis he had
    him finished, he just waisted all his energy punching his glove. I dont
    think overeem needed steroids to get bigger, he need them to have better
    cardio. He is exactly the same size as before, he hits just as hard, but he
    gasses super fast now.

  5. dude i dont even care about whos a better striker, it just seemed like you
    were bashing overeem in this video, thats why i defended him.

  6. He didn’t outstrike two people that just knocked him the fuck out, cardio
    is part of striking. The muscle up I couldn’t make short enough to only
    include Tyrone, and because we are acquainted I know he had never tried
    them until that day. Golden Glory and Spong? Henri Hooft and Overeem? Nope.
    I wasn’t trying to make any point about Overeem it’s mainly accidental. You
    can’t deny what steroids did for this guys career. If you do, you have no
    understanding of the endocrine system.

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