Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Head to Wall Shaolin Kung Fu Practice — 25 Comments

  1. I don’t know why people are posting comments on here making fun of him, he
    seems like a nice guy plus he’s very helpful…

  2. well i think this is just a small part of bigger training. this is meant
    like practice, to strengthen your body, spine../or whatever/ but if you
    want hard ass muscles or want to be like those mindless freaks in WWE this
    is wrong place for you

  3. how does he not have a life? His life is kung-fu, just because its
    different than most peoples’ just shows how much more unique and cool he is
    than nerds who worry about other peoples’ lifestyles such as your self. NO
    ONE has the right to tell someone else they have no life. Worry about your
    own life kid.

  4. @kostadanaos That other people spread lies isn’t their concern, is it? they
    can only try to spread the correct method, which involves, as far as i
    know, BOTH conditioning and breathing exercises.

  5. @JackKangaroo1 shaoling is one of the hardest things in the world to do ,
    it requires way more discipline than the fat american ur talkin bout can
    ever achieve, and no its not just about kickin ppls asses in a fight

  6. I hit hurled my head into the floor when i was little – frequently. Does
    that count?

  7. @macadom222 You’ve never seen a Chinese person speak English “as good” as
    he does? So you’re one of those sheltered people that live in a bubble but
    think they’re cultured because they’re more politically correct? Plenty of
    Chinese people have much better English. This man deserves respect because
    he’s a skilled practitioner in Shaolin Kung Fu, not because he has moderate
    English skills.

  8. Man, I really like this monk. He seems to be so nice. And I’ve never seen
    any Chinese people speak English as good as he does. To those who make fun
    of his English, why don’t you people try speaking Mandarin or Cantonese?

  9. I dont get why folks would make fun of a guy who can do something most of
    them cant- granted developing Iron head isnt a really useful skill today
    but the dedication needed to master even some of this guys streaches
    deserves respect.

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