The Worst Coffee Creamer Flavors Of All Time (PHOTOS)

If you have ever worked in an office, or visited an office where you also drank a cup of coffee, you have probably encountered an insidious thing known as “coffee creamer.” Most of these products, either in powdered or liquid form, are non-dairy, and for some reason are nearly always flavored. Is that because of the flavor of non-dairy milk powder is not particularly appealing? Perhaps. But whatever the reason, some truly heinous coffee creamer flavors exist, and we found some of the worst.

Now, if you like non-dairy creamer, you might not hate these. Also, if you want your coffee to taste like an ice cream sundae, a candy bar, a cinnamon bun or something else that isn’t just a cup of freaking coffee, you might like these things. I detest them. I would rather pour almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, even soy milk into my coffee if I could no longer enjoy dairy products. I would personally like to join Dave Grohl (who you might know as the former drummer for Nirvana, or current Foo Fighters frontman) in his one-man crusade against coffee creamer. Whatever you do, PLEASE DON’T TRY THE FOLLOWING AT HOME.





GIFs via Tumblr

This probably doesn’t work with the liquid versions, but I’m pretty sure they’re comprised of the same basic materials. I am neither a doctor, nor a nutritionist, nor a scientist, but I tend to believe that if Dave Grohl can light it on fire, I shouldn’t ingest it. In case you need further proof, check out some of the worst coffee creamer flavors of all time.

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