Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form — 21 Comments

  1. ‘Behind an able man, there are always other able men’ that’s from the
    fortune cookie i ate just before reading your comment.

  2. The arms simulate arms of a person, while the middle extension simulates
    the midsection and the bottom part simulates legs.

  3. Trapping techniques, building up strength and dexterity. Precision in
    striking. Hitting on a dummy builds up the ability for if you do fight
    someone, you are able to hit strong and hard.

  4. Hey may I ask is that a Koo Sang? If not could I ask if they still make
    them … I’ll looks like a good Jong?

  5. You can also see my handmade wooden dummys 2 videos;-)one of the best
    videos keep it up;-)

  6. stop stop!!! you are gonna kill him. had to go frame by frame just to keep
    up with the technique.

  7. Sifu can you open school here in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah,Malaysia we need your
    teaching fluidity..

  8. In real combat situations, “MMA” is weak.Muay Thai is fine, but nothing can
    beat Capoeaira

  9. So easy to scrutinize from the bleachers. Let’s see YOU do a demonstration

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