Karate Male Team Kata Final – Japan vs. Italy – WKF World Championships Belgrade 2010 (1/2) — 16 Comments

  1. ..there was someone who was delayed on executing the technique 🙁
    but anyway, they did a great fight.its almost perfect!

  2. WKF Karate should not exist, for Shotokan the Best is JKA Karate founded by
    his creator Funakoshi, and for Shito-Ryu there is Shito Ryu Wold Federation
    founded by his creator Mabuni, styles shouldnt mix, WKF doesnt teach the
    original traditional karate.

  3. Race is literally bone deep. A scientist can look at a skeleton that has
    been dead for 1,000 years and tell you what race it is. Actually, just from
    the skull. Humans are the 2nd most varied mammal species on earth, next to
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  4. yeah america would still be full of dark skinned and red skinned
    indians,lol. live in the present jason.just try to enjoy your life and
    bring positive action and energy to all you meet and you will be the
    superior one,race and color is a mirage, the soul of the man must be
    sharpened like a sword through meditation,fasting and proper living

  5. Actually this kata deals with strangulation, kicks, blocks, locks,
    grappling, throwing…. you name it, its in this kata. And for hitting a
    speed pad develop rhythm, true….but so does kata. You try doing this
    kata, I have, it is fricking hard!!

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