Shotokan Karate – Kata Unsu (M. Nakayama) — 23 Comments

  1. @jpek919 hey skeleton faggot,are you afraid to try knockdown karate?I
    thought so ugly faggot.keep practicing this gay ballet!

  2. lol you are soooo stupid you answer to your shelf and now you dont know
    what to say…lol…so stupid.machida learn how to defends against hook
    punches low kikcs and takedowns from bjj and thai boxing.shotokan only
    teach how to defend against oi tsuki lol faggots

  3. of course you are…ask your mother to tell you the are just a
    bastard.half turkish (your dad)and half cypriot (your mother)..hehehe…

  4. Said the stupid faggot who refused to accept the answer no matter how many
    times it has been explained.

  5. @PnutButter1986 shotokan is shit.An art without drills against hook
    punches,low kicks with the shin and takedowns but only stupid gay ippon
    gohon kumite against only oi tsuki is simple.

  6. Yeah, sure. Nakayama went to China in 1937 for “studying Chinese” – right
    with the beginning of the 2nd sino-japanese war. Of course. There he met
    Santa and the Easter Bunny and they obviously taught him the bunkai of the
    kata Unsu. Yes, and Gichin Funakoshi was so opposed to the idea of making
    karate a sport with kumite competition that he wrote about this idea in
    1922 started to change karate accordingly. What a nonsense!

  7. wow my sensei tell me to watch this video he was rait nakayama is
    awesome… its a beautuful kata sorry 4 my bad English -.-

  8. I like how you withheld your comment fag. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Glad to see that you finally decided to stop embarrassing yourself ^^

  9. @acerwk blah blah blah, based on your attitude and lack of respect, it is
    apparent that you have no martial arts training whatsoever. Based on your
    stubbornness and arrogance, it is apparent that you won’t change your poor
    character. Any Shotokan practitioner would hand you your ass. Based on your
    inability to use proper English, it is apparent that you have a very low
    level of education and that we can’t expect too much from a low life like
    you. As true martial artists, we will forgive you.

  10. @jpek919 shotokan and hapkido is for faggots!if you want to compete try it
    shidokan!are you scary sceleton faggot?

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