the PORSCHE CARRERA GT of Paul Walker before the accident

Paul Walker dies: Star of Fast & Furious series of films killed in Los Angeles car crash Paul Walker dies: Star of Fast & Furious series of films killed in L…


the PORSCHE CARRERA GT of Paul Walker before the accident — 18 Comments

  1. To all the ppl saying Paul is alive don’ think he would have said that
    he was by now as much as we hate it he is dead

  2. its a great fking car but now it represents the death of a guy i admired ,
    so i ll never get a porsche or ride as a shotgun

  3. Wow! A bunch of ignorant chumps.

    The Carrera GT is a PHENOMENAL car. No driver’s aids. Scared of that? Then
    don’t buy it. Some of fashion ourselves as “drivers” and are drawn to FACT
    that it would take heroic skill to drive it well. Whether we actually have
    the skill is a different matter.

    Carbon fiber monocoque chassis are FAR stronger and lighter (this stiffer)
    than a conventional steel or aluminum chassis. They are designed such that
    the driver compartment is one section, the stressed engine and transmission
    is another and everything just aft of the front wheels forward is a

    NO high power RWD car will be easy to drive and “everyone” knows that
    mid-engine Supercars are difficult at the limit. The CGT is no different.
    Test driver Walter Rohrl is quoted as saying Porsche could not find a
    proper tire for the car to cure its handling propensities. But in a recent
    evo magazine article a private owner out Michelin Cup tires and it
    “transformed” the car’s handling.

    Make NO mistake. Powerful cars are potentially deadly. Always have. Always
    will. Which is why if I had the money I’d have PORSCHES of the following
    flavor: a Carrera GT, a 997 GT2RS and a 997 GT3RS 4.0.

  4. lord knows why it’s previous owner sold this car….cause it was shitty and
    barely has any grip in turns.

  5. Satan’s car
    Devil’s car
    Satan was in this car with Paul and Roger. Fuck you Satan, fuck you!

  6. in the moment of this crash he was unconscious. i bet and hislegs must be
    stuck. the tree was very heavy

  7. i hate this car forever and always whenever i see one ill remember how he
    was killed in one….

  8. I liked this car, although now it will be notoriously known as the car that
    killed Paul Walker and of course, Roger Rodas, may they both rest in peace,
    now drive that Skyline Paul and Roger, push it to the max on heaven’s
    highway. Rest In Peace.

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