2005 SUBARU WRX STi (part1) — 13 Comments

  1. 05 wrx sti are my favorite of all year ima get a car,but having
    trouble to choice wrx sti or the lancer evolution8… cool video..

  2. Wow! I absolutely love this little film. It pays such great respect to an
    amazing car and an amazing group of drivers (subie drivers). I can feel the
    dedication to the car and its people. I’m an outsider (Mazdaspeed 3 owner)
    but I love the WRX/STI.

  3. i have 05 wrx wagon… love it, 05 was the last great year of subaru, now
    thier just goot

  4. This is the best shape for sure! I have a 2005 WRX, but so want a mint
    condition 2005 STI! The new 2011 Shape looks good from the front, but the
    rear lights arent that great…

  5. This is why I own a 2004… just waiting till a 2004-2005 popped up for
    sale… dont like the 06+ sti’s… but these ones, just look soo amazing!
    Mine is white 🙂 Btw! If anyone has some gold stock BBS rims for sale (in
    good condition) I will buy! send me a message! want the gold ones for my
    every day driving and using the silver ones for offroad/winter!

  6. I bought a brand new 05 WR Blue STi and the first time I test drove it my
    jaw was on the floor. LOVE the car! The urge to buy one again has been
    lingering on my mind for months! They are so much fun and nothing else can
    compare for the cost.

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