Diamond Bentley Continental GTC – 101 Carat

My 600th video features a unique Bentley Continental GTC with a 101kt Diamond bonnet, made by a Swiss company called Luxury Refinish. The bonnet has been pai…


Diamond Bentley Continental GTC – 101 Carat — 18 Comments

  1. Value aside, the end result that sparkles is so beautiful. Is there
    something like this but with Swarovsky crystals or glass instead of

  2. The camerawork on this video is absolutely amazing! Is this real, it looks
    like its something out of an amazing video game it’s so good WOW

  3. Также было б оригинально навоз смешать с алмазной крошкой и покрыть этим
    слоем капот бентли

  4. Congrats to the 600th video! At and I have to say, this is a good one
    (forget about the car), the edit and the camera work is real good. Seems
    you got a camera glider and the intro is a new one too. Well done!

  5. The gearbox(not the gearbox itself) looks just like the second generation
    audi leaver, really cheap 2 be honest

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