813 Customs Bentley GT Coupe Build

Bentley GT Coupe build. Total color change outside with full leather change inside with matching stitching. Custom Addictive Audio set-up in the trunk. All s…


813 Customs Bentley GT Coupe Build — 13 Comments

  1. What’s the name of the song? It sounds familiar. And what size subs are
    those? You should mentioned it in the description or in the video to avoid
    folks asking questions.

  2. completely agree. awful paint job and the who car just looks bad. the
    interior is cheap with that shiny leather and poor diamond stitching, the
    grill looks horrible, the color sucks, the rims are atrocious… i cant
    imagine how much this cost and how much it lowered the value of the car.

  3. ill actually remain where i am, thanks. everything i said was true. this is
    an earlier model bentley continental which in its condition was probably
    worth around 150k – 175k (miles and year depending) and now not many people
    would even take the car seriously, so maybe an offer for 80k-100k.

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