Scion FR-S vs Camaro SS Drift Battle — 15 Comments

  1. Very much true… I guess we didn’t really get to see the FR-S’ full run so
    we really can’t judge… I really wish the Camaros would do well in
    drifting though, they look really cool sideways. The FR-S would be my
    second choice though!

  2. I was brought here by an article that made it sound like Gruenwalds SS
    dominated Gushi in the FR-S, when I saw this battle the day of the event.
    Gruenwald won it ONLY because Gushi made a mistake. Not because his V8
    Camaro dominated the 4cly-turbo FR-S. What a douche article.

  3. Fucking fixed!!!! Put a real driver to drive the Fr-s that dumbass had it,
    it wasn’t the car it was the driver wtf!?

  4. To be fair, the FR-S’ angles weren’t that fantastic… but it wasn’t by any
    means a huge gigantic win by the Camaro. As a guy who likes Camaros I may
    be biased, but that’s what I saw in it.

  5. Yea for sure. You should check out the Daigo Saito runs from this event.
    Now THAT is someone that shouldn’t have advanced on when he did. He ended
    up in the later runs and many, many agreed he should not have gotten the
    wins he did that round.

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