BMW 335i stage2 TURBOS VS. corvette z06. rolling start from 50km/h /30mp/h — 15 Comments

  1. What? “Stage 2 upgraded turbos”? What does that even mean? Do you have any
    idea what you are talking about?

  2. @luckeycraig I like how you think you know what the c8 is going to be when
    no one even knows how the c7 is actually going to be. There is a reason the
    corvette uses a v8, and in the z06 case its most apparent 17mpg city 26hwy
    and 505hp ( supra is 18city 22hwy with 320hp) Weight is kept to a minimum
    making it a great track car. The reason the supra holds so much boost is
    because its engine block is made of cast iron vs aluminum (z06) (iron 7L
    lsx block holds up to 2500hp and is used for drag)

  3. Looks like someone needs their baby blanket and binkee. If they’re going to
    rebuild the essence of the car, from engine through transmission, axle
    upgrades, etc…. might as well have bought an M6 and get the car that’s
    designed for 550 hp AND is under warranty. This doof just voided every
    mechanical warranty on that poopwagon. Now go see if your mommy can burp
    you and put you to bed.

  4. This is Hp race non skill Let do standing race light to light ..bimer spool
    Faster of line ..vette is chase up op I’m lose ..I got 335xi jb3 full Bolt
    on ..maybe gtr or something all wheel drive like ams evo will be good race
    with me off line..

  5. Really nice run, but ultimately, there’s no replacement for DISPLACEMENT.
    335i is still sexy though, I’d take one over the z06 any day.

  6. @alex01kuk with upgraded turbos and those mods, he should be putting down
    more HP than much boost is he pushing? I have n54 with FBO and
    meth…60/40 mix and on JB4 Map 3..have not had the chance to dyno but guys
    with similar mods are putting down about 420hp..i know lostmarines dynos on
    his upgraded RB turbos were way higher than 420!

  7. @alex01kuk we all know thats not true you looked over my comment and didnt
    like what you saw so you wanted to try and make a funny bottom line shits

  8. @christu11y Stage 3 is ECU, downpipes+IC. you will get about 420 hp and you
    don’t outrun Z06s with that on a heavy 335. This 335 have: COBB AP med JB4
    meth/overboost Turbo Dynamics Stage 2 upgraded Turbos Ported Cylinder Head
    Head Gasket 1,52mm (-0,3 CR) Helix Intercooler Forge Diverter Valves Injen
    Intake AR oil catch can AR secondary oil cooler Okada Plasma coils Snow
    Performance Stage 3 Meth Stett Charge pipe AEM EGT / AFR Level 10 – AT
    Transmission AR Downpipes Custom midpipes Bastuck Quad

  9. V6 not gonna happen ! It’s gonna be a 5 liter v8 .. And Gm wouldn’t give
    the corvette 2 engine options …they wouldn’t whore the corvette out like
    that .. Just remember this when the 5 liter comes out

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