1. dont believe all that Anthony cummins crap. there were straight blades. I
    have many curved. a real man can use curved. straight or even rocks to
    fight. yes ninja were warriors and I don’t play that Anthony cummins crap
    that is it is not a martial arts. I trust hatsumi more than a white guy
    from Europe. peace.

  2. Just because I used a translator. I respect your occupation. Just now, the
    concept of “ninja” very unwound and sold for money, beautiful advertising
    as once karate. And the weapons in ninja inspired by cinema.For example: in
    a ninja swords were curved and shorter. Yes and no ninjas were warriors,
    they were spies, saboteurs. I can not say anything about the Bujinkan, for
    I can not deny its truth.Thank you for your videos, I see them, it’s
    interesting. Good luck to you in training, you’re good at!

  3. your grammer makes little sense. but I think I understand you. I have over
    100 ninja videos. every weapon and my from years in the bujinkan. in real
    samurai armor on horseback etc. go see other videos. only see budo videos
    after 100. you were at 98. I have unarmed fighting videos of tai jutsu
    teaching bujinkan basics etc.

  4. Looks nice, but it’s just a show-off. In true ninja even clothes the other
    was not so conspicuous. But something have to do it, so it Like.

  5. what is the vid were u have the ketetsu shogie and u take your sparring
    partners sword like a bad ass?

  6. I started bujinkan training in 91 at siu in college. trained in 2 states
    under 3 shidoshi. etc. and trained in other group outside the bujinkan.
    kamiyama Japanese bugei etc. glad you enjoy the videos. the bo shuriken
    didn’t belong to a ryu. a guy I now started a company making some
    traditional shuriken and some not. but I was contacted and he sent me 21
    free hand forged shuriken. 7 sets of 3. many kinds. search my vidoes black
    dragon forge mountainous and I show all of them I got free. old vid

  7. @brokensored thanks for the kind comment. if there is a certain weapon or
    armor or items you like to see just ask and you wont have to sort through
    my 100 ninja vids lol. blinding powders. horseback in real armor. water
    stealth or snow stealth in all white ninja gear etc. peace

  8. thanks. I have about 150 videos like this. any after 100 and you just seen
    105 are pretty good. later ones are hd. some are at glaciers. waterfalls.
    volcanoes. rain forest. cliffs. rivers. and in real samurai armor on horses
    and archery in real armors. every weapon you can think of. over 30 weapons
    of samurai and ninja. and some videos have other people training with me
    etc in full armors and fighting. tamishigiri in armors. so check out more
    videos if you like this. peace.

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