Mercedes A45 AMG vs Volkswagen Golf GTI vs BMW M135i – hot hatch mega test – — 24 Comments

  1. Vw need to change pricing. When their mk7 R is released it will be around
    32k give or take add leather, dsg add 3k and that would be amg money.

  2. At 8:05 he’s doing 120 mph!!!!

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I though the Fuzz could use these videos as

  3. This is nothing shy of completely unfair.
    The top of the range Merc vs top of the range bmw vs the GTI??
    Stick the new Golf RS in there and it’ll be a completely different story
    and a fair one at that. Pointless test. 

  4. When you tune the GTI Performance Pack’s ECU (as I did, extracting 280hp
    now) it’s all the car you’ll ever need on the road.

  5. I think It’s a fair comparison!
    AMG v.s GTI
    AMG Black Series v.s R Series
    It’s not about how close the HP’s are, It’s all about how much HP you get
    out of comparible engines. Segments should match dummies!!

  6. For the looks I would take the Mb…. but for the price and engine, 6
    cylinder and with that sound, I would rather take the BMW… no doubt!

  7. Hi Autocar, I have a funny Idea: Now everybody is talking about hot
    hatches. Why don’t you compare a Z3M Coupe with something like the M135I? I
    bet that would be an entertaining review. :)

  8. Fantastic review as always guys!! Forgive me for asking, but how much do
    you weigh and how tall are you!? Haha I only ask because I am ordering a
    CLA45 and am wondering on whether to order the Recaros or not! You say that
    they are comfortable seats!? Some people say they are harsh, while others
    say the opposite, and I have no way to test one in person so I am limited
    to Internet opinions unfortunately :-/

    Thanks guys! Keep up the awesome videos!

  9. 7:35 ‘i don’t think i’ve got a chance of staying with him around these
    corners’. you can see the bmw catching the merc fast in those corners and
    he’s lying through his teeth saying it can’t catch it.

  10. He’s clearly not using the gearing correctly in the BMW which has one more
    gear than the MBZ. The extra gear gives you lower gearing so better
    acceleration if you choose the correct gear. 

  11. @ Rayaan, I don’t think the A45 should be against the RS3, as the S3 is
    also 2.0 and in the 2.0 class the A45 is the new king! Used to be EVO’s and
    Megane RS’s…

  12. I feel that the A45 should be compared to the audi RS3, vw golf R, and the
    Subaru wrx sti 2.5l hatch

  13. With the Mercedez Price, i simply load a stage 3 apr in the Gti and then
    Rape the mercedes and the bmw ans and still keeping 10,000 dollars in my

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