2013 Mustang GT Dyno Run

The inconsistent numbers are due to me not revving it all the way properly-Noob. In this video, I do the first three dyno pulls of my entire life along with …


2013 Mustang GT Dyno Run — 24 Comments

  1. It was indeed, and i just didn’t purchase it at the time. I just wanted the
    manifold. Might get it in the future,

  2. Really??? It says Mustang GT!!! Just saying, If you know anything about
    cars, you know a Mustang GT is a V8. I feel kind of sorry for you, but keep
    learning before you make a comment like that, it really looks bad.

  3. X pipe was on. Boss manifold, JLT cold air,85mm throttle body, bama tune,
    and roush axelbacks.

  4. Hi,,, I have a 2013 mustang gt Mods : Steeda CAI BBk Cat Delete Resonator
    Delete Bama Tune how to get rid of check engine light ??? plz help 🙂

  5. Every part I have on the car has a review on it on my channel. Boss 302
    Intake Manifold JLT Cold air intake/bama 93 octane race tune BBK throttle
    body Off road xpipe Roush axlebacks That’s everything power oriented.

  6. Nice! Have a question about your X-pipe, with it being an off road X-pipe
    did it void warranty seeing how the cats have been removed.. I also have a
    2013 GT and I’m looking into buying a X-pipe

  7. The aventador is literally my dream car and if I ever become incredibly
    wealthy it will be the first things I purchase. haha. I just can’t get over
    the sound, and the craziness of the car.

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