How to do Ninjutsu crescent kick in sparring, basic – Technique for Akban wiki — 10 Comments

  1. You can try searching google for: “AKBAN Ninjutsu portal” that can give a
    wider perspective.

  2. How come ninjutsu is so full of fake schools. I wish i could go to yours.
    My dad used to do it, at a super hardcore place, but its closed now because
    the shidoshi moved.

  3. It is more thn karate. Karate is a sport. Ninjutsu is a martial art of war
    i. Most cases. Its what the ninja used to be the untimate survivors. It has
    a million variations to things depending on the situation.

  4. Karate is not a sport (There are sport Karate clubs). Karate are group of
    martial arts developed for self deffence without weapones .”Kara” – Empty
    “Te” – hand. Learn some more about karate before you share your knowledge
    with others.

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