Unhappy owner of Maserati destroys his car in protest | Angry Chinese Car Owner Destroy Maserati — 18 Comments

  1. All these rich chinese car owners knows is to Destroy a car they spent
    hundreds of thousands hahaha i watched another video of a rich chinese man
    destroying his lambo =)) what a waste

  2. I’m more impressed at all the beating the Maserati can take with a sledge
    hammer.. seems like its hard to dent or even leave nicks on the. I bet my
    Honda or Toyota would easily dent with one kick with my shoe

  3. watch “carrie underwood before he cheats”, she did a wayyy better job of
    this car smashing than this crew of chinese man

  4. They literally look bored chopping away half assed. Anyone with a sledge
    hammer and 5 minutes and the car would be unrecognizable!

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