Fisherman Tried To Sell Shark Fins To Hawaii Restaurant, Fined $100

HONOLULU (AP) — A fishing boat captain has pleaded guilty to trying to sell shark fins to a Honolulu hotel restaurant.

Matthew Brian Case says he finned dead sharks while at sea, with the hopes of selling them to earn extra money for his crew. Prosecutors say he concealed about 100 shark fins in a hidden compartment of the boat.

A federal judge on Friday imposed a $ 100 fine. The government agreed to the sentence because of Case’s cooperation and contrition.

Hawaii was the first state to make it illegal to possess, sell or distribute shark fins. Shark finning at sea is a violation of federal law.

Public defender Alexander Silvert says the restaurant manager refused to buy the fins from Case, who discarded them in the hotel lobby. Hotel security contacted authorities.
Full Story Via Weird News – The Huffington Post

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