Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Pagani Huayra Hidden Location Find It, Drive It (NFS001) — 19 Comments

  1. I went there and it was not there… is it there because you won the most
    wanted race against him??? because I just can not find t…

  2. it’s not hidden…it’s here because you do “Most Wanted” race and unlock
    this car… after, it’s in easydrive

  3. What a fantasy, being able to “drive” the Pagani Huayra as if it is the
    General Lee!!

  4. It’s not there and don’t say “‘You gotta beat most wanted 2.” That’s
    incorrect i’ve found most wanted cars without beating them.

  5. yeah the most wanted cars are unlocked after you shut them down after you
    beat them in their respective races.However most of the other cars are
    available to drive if you find them

  6. You are able to find the locations of the cars in the speed pack but in
    order to use the cars you have to buy the DLC. There is no other way around

  7. i havnt gotten the ultimate speed pack but i was exploring in my BAC mono
    and found the bugatti veyron vitassi or whatever but i couldnt unlock it

  8. It pisses me off that this car has a V8 sound to it and not a V12. This car
    sounds literally like a jet because of how they designed the turbo’s.
    Horacio wanted it that way…..

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