Turkeys avoid Thanksgiving fate with U.S. presidential pardon

By Mark Felsenthal WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Taking a break from weighty matters of state and pitched battles with political foes, President Barack Obama exercised the lighter side of his authority Wednesday by sparing two magnificent turkeys the fate of becoming someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. “This is not one of them.” The pardoning event, an annual ritual, took place under the awning of the White House’s North Portico as a small crowd squeezed together to escape a pelting rain, providing material for wags in Washington. Obama, who has said his ability to get elected to the White House despite his Kenyan family last name is a testament to America’s tolerance and diversity, displayed a politician’s appreciation for both the winner and loser of the contest. “He is sticking around and he’s already busy raising money for his next campaign.” Americans have been sending presidents turkeys for Thanksgiving since the 19th century, the White House said.
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