2009 BMW 335i twin turbo on the dyno – US Spec

Dyno-run at DocPower in Ilsan, S.Korea. Made 280 HP/280 TQ at the wheels on a Dynojet. Only mod is Injen DCI Intake. Stock exhaust Camera: Canon 5D MkII.


2009 BMW 335i twin turbo on the dyno – US Spec — 8 Comments

  1. @CIKO32123 you obviously dont know bmw cars my brother has raced his e46 m3
    and shifted at about 8,000 rpms his car has 84,000 miles on it and runs
    like new hes never had a problem with it. hopefully when i can drive he
    will give the car to me even though i like the previous e36 m3 better

  2. thanks..i was surprised by the stock output. A yr later i installed the HKS
    exhaust..that netted +10hp/12tq…enough power to leave G37’s behind by
    over a car-length in the 1/4..

  3. hey thks..i was plz’d w the results..only expected like 2 more hp, but im
    thinkin i got 10. the dyno was done last nov..recently added a full hks
    exhaust, so im due for another dyno session soon..

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