Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : The Fireman Carry Throw in MMA — 13 Comments

  1. @killbuzzjj the move they are doing is wrestling… and if you keep your
    legs in you get thrown so best to have a sturdy base dick head ass hold
    muncher dick milk

  2. @SPYDA3303 you dont want to touch an enemies balls even though its the most
    sensative part of a guy……im sure he wont make fun of your if he
    writhing on the ground from getting a fist to the balls

  3. @nomongoes ok stop witch the hostilty all im say is that i like my legs
    alittle less wide when i am in the ring stop cussing me out you act as iff
    im cussing you out when that is not the case if you calm down you can tell
    what im talking about

  4. maybe in pro wrestling, but this is the real deal.. not fake. nice try tho,
    big boy.

  5. @killbuzzjj You think that can start a fucking fight over youtube and think
    that you are tuff? u fucking doleful cock, u gotta get over your lttle man
    syndrome u annoying piece of crap

  6. it’s my favorite move, but unless you’re really good with it it’s nearly
    impossible to execute it on an experienced wrestler.

  7. @nomongoes its mma and no im not what im saying is that he seems to keep to
    wide when i fight i keepm my legs alittle more in to prevent sweeps

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