UNHCR tries to help Saudi woman who eloped to Yemen: source

The U.N. has called for a Saudi woman to be given asylum in Yemen to avoid being deported back to Saudi Arabia, after she eloped with a Yemeni man, a U.N. official said on Sunday In October, Huda al-Niran, 22, crossed into Yemen after her family refused to allow her to marry Arafat Radfan, a Yemeni she had met while he was working at a mobile telephone shop in Saudi Arabia. Yemeni authorities detained the woman for entering the country illegally pending her trial, which is expected to result in her being deported back to Saudi Arabia. An official at the UNHCR office in Sanaa told Reuters on condition of anonymity the UN agency would help Niran obtain “a humanitarian asylum”. “If Yemeni authorities do not agree to grant her the right of asylum, the UNHCR will look for another country to host her,” the UN official said.
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