Camaro SS vs 370z Nismo

2011 Chevy Camaro SS vs. 2009 Nissan 370z Nismo The Camaro had to let off the gas due to a car infront of him Camaro SS mods: Exhaust and intake 370z mods: B…


Camaro SS vs 370z Nismo — 16 Comments

  1. you don’t get passed like your going backwards because someone was in your car. Its because your car is slower.

  2. yeah, I have an STI and its pretty much a dead heat to an evo and my 13 370 nismo will walk my STI like its nothing. camaro might have more hp but its also a lot heavier. my nismo is 3200 lbs 350 stock HP, whereas a camaro is 426 hp BUT weighs in at a fat ass 3750-3800 average depending on model curb weight so theres not a MASSIVE difference in power to weight if you do the math. sti and evo are 305 and 298 respectively and are surprisingly heavy for their size.

  3. You would have to compare prices, not engine size. The GTR is far too expensive compared to the Camaro.

  4. V6 vs v8 not much difference. I’ll take the z any day. Stomp the ss on a track and keep up with it in a drag race.

  5. @kelson12345 yeah but that’s only for body work the engine enhancement is minimal

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