Leg Lock Position – MMA Surge, Episode 9

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Leg Lock Position – MMA Surge, Episode 9 — 13 Comments

  1. in real fight,those feet are not going to stay still.the opponent are trying to kick in the stomach,at the back or aiming for our head..and how do u suppose to dodge the moving feet and try placing your foot underneath his bottom and in advance to control his feet?

  2. You need to put the right ankle on the hip to trap the leg, becausse without it there is too much space inbetween your knees and his hips allowing him to easily grab your head, escape, and then pass and mount.

  3. We have a two arm in triangle coming out, also…if you sign up on our website, we send you 10 secret moves, one is a rolling omaplata and the other is a verbal tap armbar. Both are pretty high level I would say.

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