Wing Chun Lesson 51: Punch drill with side kick — 12 Comments

  1. Look at the Jim’s face closely when master Wong kicks his thigh, it really hurts.
    Jim is making painful face.
    But trust me! only person can learn Kung Fu or any other art, who respect his teacher and that’s what Jim do. Jim is now good enough in this art what you say my friends?

  2. Well done but this isn’t Wing Chun. This is Filipino Kali and the exercise he is showing is the hubud lubud.

  3. the thing that truly amaze me is that he keep talking and facing toward the camera while blocking Jim…

  4. With rules? yeh right. this is training for real life. drill ur movements. playing dirty by hitting the groin, eyes. and so on, wich will prob happen in a real fight.

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