1. I’m going to be perfectly honest, the only things I understood from this video was Shin-ob, ninja, ninjutsu, and the 1000 years of death technique you showed, but your English is surprisingly good.

  2. But=forget everything I just said because I’m about ready to say what I really mean.

  3. Thanks you for all comments! yes you right,it’s just amazing,funny Tv show.Japanese people and Tv doesn’t think,believe ninjutsu,ninja ‘s martial art,seriously can be exist .i live in japan for a long time,but i never seen a serious tv show about ninja or ninjutsu.for tv show is not interesting!,For a stranger,is very difficult,to teach,propagate,the real budo tradition.The most important thing is to train every day,preserv,protect the takamatsu sensei’s teaching with Fudoshin”immovable heart”!

  4. excellent, continuez vos vidéos ces très bon de voir un compatriote parler japonais ^^

  5. this art was born out of their ancestry, yet it’s something to joke about. that’s almost sad to see. wow

  6. i couldnt understand what they were saying but im very fluent in sarcasm and i know they were making fun of ninjas.

  7. why to train anywhere else than at a dr masaaki hatsumis dojo when you are living in japan????

  8. Ninjutsu is not a martial art, what I saw on this video was taijutsu, kenjutsu and a little bit of taihenjutsu, but no one getting information of the enemy or infiltraring in a enemy camp, the japanese guy was a little confused

  9. thats a shame , lately i’ve noticed his vids are becoming a bit of course of the study of ninjutsu and such ,now its all snowboarding and guns

  10. mountainous is a fail he threatens to beat up ppl who leave comments on his videos.he doesn’t know dojo morals or anything else if it landed on his head.

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