Speeding it up with Patrick Dempsey

Hollywood star, Porsche fan, race driver: Follow Patrick Dempsey and his team partners Patrick Long and Joe Foster to idyllic France where getting ready for …


Speeding it up with Patrick Dempsey — 16 Comments

  1. This is amazing and hilarious! Truly speaks to the people that live and breathe endurance racing!

  2. I met him when he was just starting at Petite LeMans-Road Atlanta he is very passionate about racing and is the most down to earth racer/person/actor I’ve ever met… Good luck this season Dempsey Racing! See ya at Road Atlanta!

  3. He isn’t on the Porsche factory team. In 2013, he ran as Dempsey-DelPierro under Proton. Just another privateer team. Fourth in GTE-AM, so not bad at all. Patrick LONG is the factory Porsche driver, the only American, at that.

  4. There is nothing lucky about it. Dempsey is a serious driver rose through the amateur ranks EARNED hid spot spot on the Porsche factory team.

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