WRX crashes at track — 13 Comments

  1. ive noticed a trend with all these oversteer crash videos,
    the drivers tend to casually counter steer like nothings going on,
    if you watch pros get oversteer they snap that shit quickly then back to center like instantly.

  2. refer to traction circle, looks more like an oval..

    awd helps you get amazing traction in a straight line, but on corners… downforce, tire grip, suspension, weight help you hold the grip.

    you guessed wrong.

    I own a subaru and a mazda..

    try it drive fast in the rain and go around a corner… it will feel like a dry road with the awd but on the corner all cars can’t hold grip as hard fwd, rwd, awd regardless.

  3. that wasn’t traction, that was grip.

    traction determines if your wheels spin in a straight direction.

    lateral grip depends on things like tire compound, downforce, suspension, weight

    refer to the traction circle.

    lateral grip is how much G’s forces it can hold before the car breaks loose.

    I hope you understand

  4. traction is an issue, regardless of the car, if carrying too much speed into a corner.

  5. that only helps traction, not lateral grip.

    best way to test it in real life is a wet day you’ll get heaps of confidence from the traction and on corners it will slide.


  6. lost lateral grip lol
    maybe need more sticky tires 🙂

    traction is never an issue with those cars…

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