2008 Chevrolet Corvette Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive — 15 Comments

  1. no backseat in the vette, and driving it in the middle of the afternoon!??! WTF!??! *jokes.

  2. Cause its no fun driving a sports car with automatic. u don’t get the whole feel of the car.

  3. I guess you could, but then you’d have even less trunk space than before, and it would look hideous, and people would look at them and say, “Why on earth are those there?” If it were me, even though it meant lower insurance, I’d rather it be a two seater. A Corvette coupe doesn’t sound right to me.

  4. There is! Look closely. There’s space for there to have been rear seats. Albeit, small re seats, and useless, but then, most sport cars with rear seats, have useless rear seats, and are considered coupes.

  5. Have you ever driven a manual? Manual’s are much more fun to drive and give you more control of your car. That’s why you see most high end sports cars in manual transmission. Buying a Corvette with a automatic transmission…. that’s like sacrilege. You’re not going to get the full effect of driving a sports car if it’s automatic.

  6. GM should have put rear seats in this.. even if they are cheap, shitty, weightless rear seats, just so it would be classified as a coupe, and not a sports car, and then insurance would be a SHIT TON cheaper.

  7. wow for that price i would expect a better interior. Not shocked. its a chevi.

  8. The interior comes with the trims one choose. Obviously the higher the trim, the more elegant interior.

  9. I think the one you drove had a wrecked clutch, because they’re normally pretty heavy and engage low

  10. I have had my 02 ZO6 since 05 and with a couple mods it’s about 485 HP. My previous 99 was 345 and the ZO6 would run circles around it! Any guy that wouldn’t want a Corvette ain’t really a guy!

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