Lethal Performance Tech Tips: Installing a midpipe on a 2011+ Mustang GT — 16 Comments

  1. I guess it makes a difference what dealer you go to. Some may put up a fight and some may not. Everytime i end up with a problem i always get the short end of the stick. Murphys law as my mother always said. But i really want to get your sct tune combo package soon.

  2. If you read on forums you can get some more info but from what I’ve gathered the cars computer only stores 30 key starts and also if you leave your battery unhooked for approximately 48 hours it will also reset the computer. I’m going to tune my 2013 GT this week and I’m not stressing at all. So a combination of the two should almost guarantee your car looks factory if something were to ever come up. And honestly my friend has various mods and 100 shot of nitrous on his 2011 GT

  3. Hey Lethal, thanks for the video! I just finished installing my ORX pipe on my 2013 and man that passenger side nut was a PITA. It was starting to round off, so I got a hammer and hit the extensions with the socket on the nut to make sure it got a good seat, and it broke right off. Now the problem is my car is too loud with the Roush axleback. lol

  4. thanks. im not gonna get a tune until my warranty is up. i dont want to void it. its dumb that there isnt a tuning device that allows a reflash back to stock without the dealer knowing it was ever flashed. my honda could do that but ford doesnt.

  5. Yes you definitely do. Check out our previous tech tips video on how to load a custom tune. Give us a call with any other questions.

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