Saudi Arabia Drifting Highway Mental — 14 Comments

  1. It’s very irresponsible and could get innocent people killed. Are you fucking retarded?

  2. “green text”? “meme-arrow”? It’s *quoting*, and goes back to the Usenet you fucking toddler. Get off my lawn.

  3. Actually I wasn’t talking about American drivers, I was talking about NASCAR ( you know the constant left turning?) , and I didn’t say he said something about race, I said there are a lot of comments from Americans about race.

  4. But thats basically what you did in the beginning.. idiot.. You made a generalization of American drivers. And he never even mentioned anything about race. How can anyone be so ignorant?

  5. Anyone who can do that on public roads in an Accord deserves a free pass to compete in a touring car race

  6. Now Now im kidding, but honestly all i see is death wishes, and bunch of other racist crap. Sure i admit they are pretty stupid, but to go on making generalized racist remarks based on what a small group of people from a certain culture are doing is just wrong.

  7. Did you just fucking green text you cancerous piece of shit? Kill yourself you dirty Jew meme-arrow using fucktard.

  8. > I think all the Americans on here are just jealous

    Are you fucking kidding? Are there people who are so fucking sub-human that they think shooting machines guns out of your window and driving like fucking idiots next to a school bus fool of children is *good behavior*, such that other people would be jealous?! o.O

  9. I think all the Americans on here are just jealous because all their drivers do is turn left

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