Dwight Bentley

Compiled Highlights of Detroit’s new signee Dwight Bentley. Footage from ESPN, NFL Combine, Louisiana-Lafayette football, and phillyjimmyphilms for gathered …


Dwight Bentley — 6 Comments

  1. be happy u drafted this guy cuz it was the late 3rd round and as a Saints fan I was really hoping to draft him ourselves but you guys got him 6 picks earlier but glad he went to a team I still like. He’s gonna be good for you guys

  2. I agree completely but think he can probably surpass Allen by his 3rd or 4th season as a starter good comparison though

  3. New evaluation: Small, but fast. In a few years he may develop into a Will Allen type guy. Thoughts?

  4. @TheBalotelli11 I’m able to admit my mistake… I was wrong, he was among the top ten this year. My bad :/

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