Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness 3 Episode 3 – The Break Up HD Full Episode — 20 Comments

  1. @peachamine lol? Really? How can animals talk do Kung fu and wear cloths lolz ? Might as well ask that as well, don’t forget it’s a cartoon, nothing makes sense

  2. lol Talk about crocodile tears and uh…how is the soup cooking without any fire? I mean…doesn’t it go Fire + Food= Cooked food. 

  3. This show is stupid sometimes. They completely fucked up Mr. Ping’s personality in this episode. He loves Po more than anything else in his life, yet he gladly replaces him with a crocodile, and us a total dick about it too.

  4. why po so interrestedat his dad he could leave his dad and the noodle shop and make jade palace his main home and have an awesome life with awesome friends who agree me like my coment

  5. if you look closely when po is fighting the rhinos, he actually stabs one of them if u look closely.

  6. I don’t know why, but I really like this episode. Probably because I like Ga Ri as a character, he’s the only croc bandit who isn’t retarded or just plain stupid. Plus he’s nice.

  7. Mommy I crave noodle soup now! Ugh why do they keep tasting and making it make so good :p

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