1. there is not a woman on this planet that can take high caliber fighters in a serious fight, and name one woman that can bench press 600 lbs I can name 100 men

  2. Still, woman can be strong as man I already shown you proof and not every woman that Uriah fights will get a severe beatdown by him. You’ll see some vids here on youtube where a woman knocks out man we all have chin buddy.

  3. usually that is true but i have never seen a doe take down a grizzly bear, in a fight where opponets share similar skill weight and strength anyone can win but someone like uriah faber vs ronda rousey and uriah would literally kill her

  4. yes they do and ronda is amazing but uriah is just too strong and too fast not to mention he is just as skilled as she is she has no chance against him

  5. at first glance no but when i see his fighting technique i understand why he isnt in pride WEC or UFC

  6. Uriah could stop training right now for 5 years and stay the same he would still beat ronda 100 percent of the time

  7. it is a genetic fact and despite anything in the video Uriah will still take her 100 percent of the time, and he will always be stronger, and ive seen that on TV sports science, the mans hits are too slow, bottom line it is still a genetic fact than men are physically superior to women, not trying to be an asshole its not like men are more important or anything like that but physically men are superior

  8. WHAT?!? Even though it is a genetic fact, things can change science is not always right. Then how comes this /watch?v=Gzntve0kiaU ? watch part 1 and 2

  9. alright how about this, if you take 2 well trained men and put them in a match 100 times both fighters will rack up some wins, if you take urihaj and ronda and put them in a match 100 times Uriah will will 100 times if he took the fight even slightly serious, this does not apply to everyone it is genetics men are built stronger you can not argue with genetic facts, ronda will never be even close to as strong as Uriah despite them being the same weight and both very well trained

  10. That applies to anyone. Of course if you put a match where a well trained and a wuss that also goes for man vs man too and anyone. Anyone can be as strong as anyone

  11. no its not just cause one wuss guy lost to a tough chick doesn’t mean anything it happens less than the harlem globetrotters lose

  12. its a genetic fact, if you take a man of the same weight as a woman the man will 99 percent of the time be stronger unless the man is a total wuss and the woman has trained her entire life, lets look at ronda rousey 135 lbs and urijah faber also 135 lbs as talented as ronda is she would be killed if urijah took the fight seriously

  13. How did the bloke face his boyfriend after fighting a women? There’s got to be a limit to equality some things such as fighting which needs to be kept separate. That fella must have been bummed seriously by his boyfriend after.

  14. I know there will be arguments maybe of sexists and/ or equality whatever, but in a martial arts fight anyone can win. They both agreed to this , and it was a fight nothing wrong with this unless you’re abusing someone

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