Hate mowing lawns? You aren’t alone.

Unlike most of us, however, Reddit user “aztecman” has devised a simple, brilliant solution. After actively ignoring just about every piece of advice in the manual, this homemade MacGyver leashed his self-powered mower to a stake in the center of his lawn. He then disabled the engine kill lever and started the beast, which proceeded to mow an ever-tightening circle through the grass.

We don’t know how much time this took to mow the lawn to an acceptable level, nor do we know if aztecman ran into trouble in the process of trying to stop it. But at least one other person has attempted this lawn mowing hack, documenting the effort in a strangely satisfying YouTube video in 2010.

Goes without saying, but we have to say it anyway: Don’t try this at home.

Watch the hack in action, above.

PHOTOS of “lawnmowing made easy:”

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