Aston Martin One-77 – Startup and Driving in Monaco

Like the One-77 on Facebook: I have filmed the 14th One-77 I have now seen! This car is well known and regularly appears in…


Aston Martin One-77 – Startup and Driving in Monaco — 18 Comments

  1. There is only 1 RHD One-77?I mean…I thought it was manufactured in the UK and cars made in UK are RHD?Am I wrong?

  2. Obvious big ass liar is obvious. Stop pretending to be a rich millionaire/billionaire and actually work hard.

  3. My family use to have a one-77 we where won of the lucky ones to have this amazing car I remember we got it on Jan 5th 2009. my dad owns a huge company called mossbin its a company that makes plastic beads to be melted down and molded for toys or anything with plastic. my dad bought this car for 1.4 million and had it shipped to the USA this car was amazing most beautiful car ive ever owned but about 2 months ago we sold it for 2.5 million for it. we have a Bugatti now but ill miss the one-77.

  4. must boring to pose all they long in the streets of monaco!!! go to german autobahn and race it hard:D (don´t take this comment serious)!!!

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