2000 Camaro SS MS3 — 20 Comments

  1. That first fly by.. FUCK YES. Sick car man. Hope my Formula is that badass in a couple years.

  2. Do you think the car launched better sitting like it is or better lowered. I ask because to me physics say weight transfer would be better with it sitting up and allowing the car to dump weight to the rear end. Providing more traction to the pull. However I could be wrong with a good suspension tune lower could work better. Mine seemed to pull out of the hole better with stock height but my shocks have not been tuned either, just stock settings on the Koni

  3. Nice ride man! did you have a line lock when you did the burnout at the end or quickly shift to 2nd?
    Sweet ride man!

  4. This is what most people mean when they say “Never raced, never driven hard.”

  5. Man this video never gets old. I want this cam so freaking bad!! You should post some more vids of it, now that its lowered.

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